Client Testimonials

We came to Tori to help us buy our first home following a difficult situation with our previous Realtor®. Even before we had decided to hire her, she gave us helpful insight into our situation. Tori was always very quick to respond to our random questions and concerns via text, e-mail, or phone, and was very willing to negotiate with the sellers. As first time homebuyers, we were very nervous at times and unsure of what to expect. We went through a buying process with lots of twists and turns and Tori had a great way of comforting us and helping us understand what was happening. She is very personable and relatable, and made us feel very comfortable around her. Tori was a great advocate for us!
We would recommend Tori to anyone, and would definitely work with her in the future! We are so grateful for all of her help!

Cheyenne B-- Schenectady, NY

Tori was an excellent and professional help to us with the purchase of our home. We just moved to New York from Colorado and the process from state to state was completely different. She was excellent in answering all our questions and always quick to respond. She helped us to understand the process in New York and kept everything moving along smoothly. I would recommend her to my best friend, family, and anybody as she was wonderful to work with.
Kristi M-- Ballston Lake, NY

I recently closed on my first house (ever) with Tori as my agent. Perhaps this review will seem a bit biased as I should reveal that she is also my cousin. However, if anything, I feel that working with your friends and family is that much more difficult than working with non friends/family. Tori did an amazing job for me, and I could not have done this without her.
Working in the customer service industry, I know just how demanding (and impatient) clients can be. And I will honestly say, I was a tough client. I was/am a single homeowner and as I had n one else that the contract or the deed or the checks name were in, I wanted to know everything about each step of the process. Tori did an excellent job in not only explaining each step, but advising me on what each step entailed and reassuring me when things didn't happen immediately (as this impatient client would have liked them too!)
Tori was not only available to me, and by my side each step of the way but she also was still a friend to me and was able to separate the friendship from the professional relationship. This is not an easy task to do as many of us know. Working with Tori was a great experience.
Although I am a single homeowner, I never felt "alone" throughout this process as I knew Tori was there for me no matter what it was that was needed. I am very impressed, pleased and proud to say that Tori was my realtor, not only because she is my cousin, but because she is amazing at her career and brings a level of passion to it that I, as her cousin, can attest is very real and committed. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, or even someone looking at real estate as a career to speak with.
Amy R-- Glenville, NY

Tori is the best!! She is supportive, knowledgeable, resourceful, respectful, funny, intelligent, dedicated, tenacious, and productive. She always responded to my calls and texts regardless of how many questions I asked and responded within 24hrs or less. When I nervous, overwhelmed, and stressed, she helped me calm. She knew what I was looking for and made sure that I was getting the best deal. She worked for me NOT A CHECK!!! She truly wanted to make sure that I was in a safe home that I would love and enjoy and that fit my style. She did not rush me to make a purchase and showed me as many homes as I wanted to see. The buying process was all about ME and what I WANTED!! Thanks to Tori I have the house of my dreams and I am a first time homebuyer. If you are a first time homebuyer whom wants someone who knows what they are doing then she is your Gal'. She was more of a best friend trying to help me get a house than my realtor as she made me feel so comfortable.
Tineshna J-- Rensselaer, NY

Working with Tori was a great experience. My fiancé and I were looking to buy our first home. Our mortgage broker recommended Tori after seeing how knowledgeable she was at a closing. During the time we were looking for a home the real estate market started to pick up. We ended up in all kinds of situations. If it wasn’t for Tori we would not have been able to get our new home. She was able to find our house before it official went on the market and set it up so we were the first people to see it. She made sure we got an offer in right away. Tori helped us through the entire process of buying a home. She was always there to answer any questions we had and always responded right away any time day or night. The things I like most about Tori is that she can be aggressive when needed and she cares about her clients. During the entire process of buying a home I learned that you really need a realtor that you can trust and is dedicated to working with you whether it’s selling or buying a home. I would recommend Tori to anyone who is buying or selling a home.
Jennifer S-- Clifton Park, NY

Victoria was recommended by a close friend. I had Victoria use her expertise to sell my fathers house after his passing.
Victoria proved to be very knowledgeable, professional,punctual,and helpful.
With her expert knowledge of real estate, she guided me from beginning to end. She made no false promises and was completely realistic in her advise.
Victoria was always a phone call away when needed and returned all my calls promptly.
I highly recommend Victoria!!!!
Michael M-- Rotterdam, NY

Working with Victoria was a great experience. She was extremely helpful throughout the process with explaining what I needed to do and keeping me on track. Without her I don't think I would have found such a perfect place so quickly.
Rachel H-- Halfmoon, NY

excellent agent- went beyond what normally is expected and covered many extra things- knowledgeable and professional
Rich R-- Amsterdam, NY

I recently closed on a home with Tori as my agent. She was great through the whole process - especially making sure I understood everything as a new home buyer. She was even able to recommend some resources that I also enjoyed working with.
I had a great experience due to her commitment to me as a client, attention to detail and timely action. She was able to help me understand what was happening when and there were no surprises.
Would highly recomment Tori!
Suzy B-- Albany, NY

Tori was great! She recommended many houses for us to review. She set up appointments right away to look at any houses that we wanted to look at. She answered e-mails, phone calls and texts very quickly. She is very friendly and professional. For two people who have very high expectations of people which are seldom met, Tori exceeded all of our expectations. We will recommend her to anyone that needs a real estate agent.
Matthew M-- Troy, NY

Tori helped us find our perfect home. She was always available to us, and answered our emails and calls at all hours. She was very patient with us. As first-time homebuyers we were very anxious and had lots of questions, and Tori helped explain everything to us and calm us down. We ended up with a great home at a great price. We are very happy with our home and with Tori!
Stephanie A-- Guilderland, NY

Tori was an excellent partner in my search to find a new home. As a first-time homebuyer, I went into the process with nothing more than a few episodes of "House Hunters" under my belt. She was extremely patient with all of my questions and was able to walk me through the process in a very clear way. In return, she asked excellent questions that resulted in me finding my actual dream home. I could not have asked for more from the property, the price she negotiated for me, or her knowledge and friendliness in the process. I would definitely recommend Tori as your realtor!
Meghan M-- Troy, NY

I can't say enough good things about Tori! She was a life saver when I needed an agent to rent my condo while I was out of town. She handled to my tenant and prospective renters with respect and consideration. I would recommend her to anyone and will be happy to use her services again. She's great!
Beth C-- Albany, NY

My husband and I had known for a while that we wanted to upsize into a larger home. We thought about it, talked about it, and dreamed about it. We would look at houses online, but never saw the activity as more than a fantasy or fun way to pass some time. We just didn’t know where to start and were a little intimidated. Tori gave us the gentle, but firm, nudge we needed to take real steps toward finding our new home. She took the time to understand what we were (and weren’t) looking for in a home. Then, she immediately started researching homes and sent us emails with homes to consider. She even included additional details that she had collected, like market comparisons, and her own professional opinion on the properties’ pluses and minuses. Tori encouraged us to get off of the couch and actually visit houses to get a better feel for what we liked and didn’t like. She set up showings according to our availability and spent countless hours standing in houses with us as my husband and I mulled (and mulled!) over the merits of each property. Tori was incredibly patient with us every step of the way and always available to answer any questions that we had. On the business side of things, Tori knew what steps needed to be taken first—-like the simple act of getting a mortgage pre-approval letter to have in our pockets. She wasn’t pushing us to buy anything or commit to any one particular lender. Rather, she knew that if we found something we loved, we might need to act fast, and she wanted us to be ready. Every step was like that—-like having a knowledgeable friend guiding you through the process without getting too far ahead of you. Just last week we closed on a fabulous home that we got for a very fair price, with Tori’s help. We never expected the process to be as easy and low-stress as this was. We are so grateful that we chose Tori to help us. We couldn’t recommend her more highly to other prospective home buyers.
Jenn H.-- Latham, NY

When it came to selling our house, we kind of put “the cart before the horse.” We had been casually searching for a new home, when, BAM, we found it, made an offer, and were under contract to buy it. We hadn’t even listed our existing home for sale yet! Even though we knew we needed to get our house on the market quickly, we had a lot of questions. Neither my wife nor I had ever sold a house before. We had already been working on little projects to improve our current house while we dreamed about moving on to our next home. Some of the items were like “half-done.” Tori gave us sound advice on what upgrades would be necessary, and which might not contribute in any real way to the sale of the house. She helped us prioritize and even put aside some of the improvements we thought would have been required, explaining how the new owners might like to pick some things out for themselves. Eureka! So, instead of putting in new carpeting in two bedrooms, we estimated the cost of the carpeting and made little signs telling people that they would get a credit at closing for replacing the carpet. Now we didn’t have to go through the hassle of moving the heavy bedroom furniture, and the new owners could envision the carpet they would like. It also saved us valuable time. It was such a simple solution, but we never would have considered it without Tori’s suggestion. Tori came to our house, helped us stage the rooms and took excellent pictures that showed all the best our home had to offer. She scheduled an open house for the following weekend and helped us prepare a binder of information for potential buyers. Our house was now on the market! But we wondered if the old carpet in our 30-year old house would still turn buyers off. Well, the answer was NO. We had an offer less than two weeks after Tori listed it. Tori is a skilled negotiator. Without going into details, I will tell you, she has a game plan that is well-informed and strategic. We trusted her to help us with our counter-offer process. And when it was all said and done, we trusted her even more. Everybody needs an agent like Tori in their corner. Her expertise, professionalism, and personality made selling our house literally a dream. How often do you hear that?
Brian O.-- Latham, NY

Mrs. Romeo is the best hands down! Her Knowledge of the homes she shows is unchallenged. If she doesnt know a home she researches it before showing it to a client. Her perspicacity and ministration of my situation goes beyond what fancy words and shiney smiles can explain. In short, a divorce from a man of 15yrs and he being a total touch-face caused me to be backed into a corner. He sicked his realtor agent on me, (whom was an old left in 1900's racist). and tried to push me into repurchasing the home we bought together. I called Mrs Romeo, advised her of the situation, and boy; I will say she has such a professional, diplomatic way of delivering information that it causes one to smile and have immediate confidence in her ability to bring quality service and knowledge to each client. Mrs Romeo introduced me to a young man who assisted me with cleaning up a couple things credit wise and obtaining some great credit score, that allowed me to gain a new purchase bracket. Mrs Romeo is also like a pitbull with a bone when it comes to her clients interest. She is always 4 steps ahead of your questions and I trusted her 100%. She did not disappointment me at all and I do mean at all. She bartered with the seller and was successful at every request I had before finalizing the purchase on my home. She assisted me in leaving a 960sq ft home, and moving into a 2010 sq ft home! She even continues to assist with neighborhood information, references to all of your home improvements needs/desires. I just cant say enough about this sweet, philanthropic,cognizant person whom has the most infectious smile and pleasant personality. She is perfect for this field and I would recommend her in two snaps, one wink and the second it takes to breathe in a heartbeat. I was completely impressed and satisfied with my experience with Mrs Romeo. I would advise anyone who is reluctant and afraid to purchase a home because of the sharks swimming out there; to definitely call this young woman, she may not be 6'0 tall but big things come in small packages so dont let the smooth taste fool you. She is completely on the side of the buyer with reservations about giving it to you straight(the facts that is). I loved my experience with her.
Nydyha R.-- Schenectady, NY

I'm having a difficult time writing this review. Mainly because the level of service Tori provided us was so far beyond what I would describe as exceptional that I don't know if I have the writing capacity to describe the experience, and this is coming from an educated, articulate, executive-level professional. This was my first house. I'm sure if you're reading this you're either there with me, or have been there... it's a daunting task. Don't fool yourself, unless you're unemployed (which likely isn't the place you'd be if you're buying a house), you don't have the time to tackle all the small issues, the scheduling, the negotiating, the followups... etc. Tori from day one instilled nothing but my total confidence in her. She's detail-oriented, thorough, available at what seemed to be all hours, and easily relatable. Trust me, I threw a lot of challenges at her. From changing financial arrangements, to changing houses midstream. She smoothed out the process and made what was the biggest decision of my life both simplified and enjoyable, even thru the rocky parts. I'd trust Tori to look out for my interests, and recommend her to anyone looking for a professional friend to guide them. I say friend, because that's what we consider her now. How many business transactions can you say you felt you took that from in the end? Britt and I thank you Tori; for all your amazing hard work and all the extras you did above and beyond what I'd consider par. We'll be in touch for any future needs that pop up. We love our new home, and couldn't be happier!
Brad L.-- Glens Falls, NY

Thanks again for selling another house for me. I am always impressed at how accurate you are at setting the price and getting it sold. I look forward to the next one!
Richard N.-- Albany, NY

As you know, I tried for ages to sell on my own without success. I just didn’t have the time or the resources. Once I listed with you, that all changed and I was able to sell quickly and retire out west like I wanted to. Thanks again, and good luck selling many, many more!
Connie W.-- Schenectady, NY

When my husband and I decided to sell our home in Delmar, NY and move to Saratoga, NY with our three children we were very overwhelmed. We wanted an agent that would treat us like more than just a house number and be concerned with our personal situation. After meeting with Pamela Bliss, we were very surprised. Unlike the other agents we met with, Pamela came prepared with information on houses in our neighborhood and selling prices. She helped us by pointing out small issues in our home that could mean large differences in the sale and walked us through the staging of our home. When we received offers, Pamela pointed out all aspects of the offers and made us aware of what the contingencies actually meant to us and how they could impact us and the sale. Because of the personal help and the attention Pamela gave us on all aspects of the sale we were able to sell our house for top dollar and close quickly. We chose Pamela as our Buyer’s Agent as well, given our experience with her and the way she works. She was able to show us homes with only the features we wanted and stuck with the location we were looking for. Pamela never wasted our time on something that was not clearly what we wanted. We were able to find a house quickly and because of Pamela’s investigation on similar houses that sold, we were able to purchase the house under asking price even in a very competitive market. Pamela was there with us for both closings and eased our tensions by fully explaining what would happen. Being first time buyers and sellers we had a very smooth transition in moving. Even with some minor bumps in the process, because of Pamela’s attention and work ethic we got through them. I would highly recommend Pamela and Bliss Properties to anyone looking to buy or sell a home that would like personal attention geared toward your specific situation.
Sandra Conahan-- Saratoga, NY

I can’t thank you enough for the way you handled my sale of my property in Gloversville. The house was really a tough sell. You have made my experience with you a joy. You have sold many properties for me, and I find you to be professional, kind, and courteous . I will definitely recommend you to all my friends, relatives, and anybody seeking a great Realtor® like you. Thanks again!
Anthony Z.-- Saratoga, NY

We met Pam while looking at one of her listings. Even though the house was not for us, we immediately felt a connection with Pam. Her kind, straight-forward personality and her knowledge of the market was refreshing! We didn't have a buyer's agent and thought nothing of it until Pam emailed us a week later to follow up with us. She asked if she could help us and told us to send her a list of must haves, likes and dislikes. She sent us the MLS® listings right away that matched our criteria! After one day of showings, we walked into the perfect house for us and made an offer the next day. It was a foreclosure and our first home, but her knowledge of FHA and bank-owned homes gave us the confidence to put in an offer that couldn't be refused. Without Pam's expertise, honesty, and focus on finding the house that WE wanted, we never would have found our dream first home. I would HIGHLY recommend her as a buyer's agent.
John R.-- Schenectady, NY

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